Wen (Jennie) Qu is a graduate student in the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Fudan University, China, where she worked on several projects regarding depression, empathy and emotion regulation, applying various research methods. She also enjoys museums, music, movies, traveling and cooking. At the SJNP, Jennie is hoping to investigate the neural and psychological mechanisms of prejudice, as well as empathy.

Wen Qu

Master’s Student at Social Justice Neuroscience and Psychology Lab


2015.9 –Present
The University of Chicago, IL, US
2011.9 – 2015.6
Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Bachelor of Science, Psychology
2013.6 – 2013.8
Washington University, St. Louis, MO, US
Summer School Program, Social Psychology & Music


The National 1st Prize Scholarship, Fudan University (Top 1%)
The 1st Prize Scholarship of Exchange Student Programs, Fudan University
Outstanding Student, Fudan University
The 3rd Prize Scholarship for Outstanding Student, Fudan University
Outstanding Individual & Prize for Excellent Reading Report, The Undergraduate Division of Fudan University (Top 5% of all participants)


2014.9 – Present
Lab Trainee at Center for Cognition and Brain Disorders, Department of Psychology, Hangzhou Normal University, China
• Process fMRI data including spatial and temporal pre-processing, subject-level and group-level statistical analysis, and Region of Interest (ROI) analyses
• Conduct fMRI experiments
Instructor: Dr. HU Zhiguo
2013.9 – Present
Research Assistant, Department of Psychology, Fudan University
• Apply various research methods, including questionnaire approach and qualitative interview, along with statistical analysis practice with SPSS, AMOS
• Synthesize 96 papers on medical students’ emotion regulation, empathy and communication skills, and generate literature reviews
Grant from Medical School, Fudan University
• Advisor: Dr. GAO Jun
2013.6 – Present
Research Team Leader, Department of Psychology, Fudan University
• Write literature reviews, design experiments and develop surveys, and analyse data
• Examine the effects of childhood subjective social & political status (SES) on depression in college, and whether the effect would be mediated by peer attachment, while results showing that avoidant attachment type can mediate the negative effect childhood SES has on depression in college
Grant from Department of Psychology, Fudan University
Advisor: Dr. LI Xiaoru


2013.12 – 2014.6
Chief Advocator of Two Campaigns of Depression and Eating Disorders, Department of Psychology, Hangzhou Normal University
• Addressed lectures to freshmen in Fudan University
• Composed literature reviews and designed advertising leaflets
2014.9 – Present
Language Partner, Fudan-Washington University in St. Louis Office
• Assisted American students to master mandarin and understand Chinese culture
2011.6 –2012.6
Simulative Interviewer for Advanced High School Students, Hyphen
• Guided advanced senior high students through college entrance interviews


Kadison, R., & DiGeronimo, T. F. (2004). Chapter 4 (pp.89-152) & 7 (pp.223-248). College of the overwhelmed: The campus mental health crisis and what to do about it.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Cooperating Division: Student Affairs, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Qu, W. & Gao, J. [Under Review] Assessment and Training of Communication Skills in Clinical Context.
Qu, W., Wang, J. Y., Huang, J. Y., & Li, X. R. [Under Review] Can “Bad” Childhood Memory Affects Depression in College? Popular Psychology.
Qu, W. [Under Review] Handbook for Success Formula — Take the Construction of Self-Concept in Career Counseling as an Example. Popular Psychology.
Qu, W. [Under Review] Why is my staff leaving? —Practical Application of the Minnesota Theory of Work Adjustment. Popular Psychology.


2013.3 – 2013.6
Vice Supervisor of Department of International Affairs, Students’ Union, Fudan University
• Held international cultural festivals to build bridges between Chinese and international students, academically and socially
2012.9 – 2013.1
Vice Supervisor of Department of Academic Study, Students’ Union, Fudan University
• Led the team to hold academic lectures in all kinds of academic areas
2011.9 – 2012.6
Member of Public Relation Department, Red Cross, Fudan University
• Propagandized events on World AIDS Day
2011.9 – 2012.6
Psychology Instructor for Class 11603, KeQing Academy, Fudan University
• Applied psychometrics/qualitative means to help detect potential mal-adaptive freshmen
2011.7 – 2015.7
League Branch Secretary, Zhou Jia Qiao Residential Area
• Assisted party branch to organize activities and recruit participants
• Volunteered at nursing houses in neighborhood


2014.2 – 2014.8
Human Resources Intern, Asia Pacific Regional Office, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
• Engaged in regular collaboration with executives from various cultures
• Rearranged merits and personnel system, handled administrative work and translations
2014.2 – 2014.3
Public Relations Intern, MSLGROUP China
• Analyzed data of daily media traffic on target online platforms for clients’ publicity
• Assisted projects, including media communication and drafting press releases


English: TOEFL: 116/120 (Reading: 30, Listening: 29, Speaking: 28, Writing: 29)
Software: SPSS, AMOS, R, SPM, E-prime
Programming: VB, Matlab
Methods: experiment design, qualitative interviews, eye-tracking, EGG, fMRI