Jennifer Kubota

Lab Director

Tiara Starks

Lab Manager

Bradley Mattan

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jaelyn Peiso

Doctoral student

Catherine Stevenson

Doctoral student

Wen Qu

Master's Student

Tzipporah Dang

Master's Student

Kori Marcum

Master's Student

Our lab explores stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination by integrating across the social, cognitive, and neural sciences. We use a range of techniques, employing a multi-level approach from hormonal determinants (e.g. cortisol), through neural activations (e.g. EEG, fMRI), to behavioral outcomes, and social change in real-world situations, such as in economic and judicial contexts. Such an approach will provide insight into the origins of discriminations, how specific discrimination interventions operate, and under what circumstances these techniques are practical and predicative of bias reduction.

Joint Lab

Much of our current research is done in collaboration with members of the Cloutier Lab. Focusing on brain imaging investigations of race-based social interactions, ongoing research projects include investigations of individuation, person evaluation, and the impact of interracial contact on social cognition.